Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rene Magritte Sunset Painting

Rene Magritte is well known for his surrealist paintings. More specifically, he is known for putting familiar objects in unfamiliar places. We looked at many of his paintings and talked about the unusual placement of things. He painted on bottles when he couldn't buy canvas. Today there is one of his landscapes painted on a wine bottle for sale for over $700 ,000. We all agreed that if there is no canvas around, we can probably find something that might normally go in the trash, that we could use for a creative backdrop for a new painting!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scratchboard with Modigliani

This week we studied the Italian paintings of Modigliani. Since this was a chore to remember his name, we shortened it to Mo-Dig- hopefully they will be able to point out his paintings at the next trip to an art gallery. He has some characteristics of his paintings that definitely make his portraits stick out. First he elongates the necks and second, he often creates these vacant looking eyes. We agreed they look kind of creepy, but very memorable. We took some of these features and created our own portraits. First in a rough draft with paper and pencil and then on our scratchboard with a variety of scratch tools. They did a great job!! You only get one try at the scratchboard since you can't erase:)