Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alberto Giacometti

Wow! What a cool week. It was summed up with Peyton Brown saying "I never thought it was possible for me to like sculpture as much as painting!"
Alberto's sculptures are famous for their elongated figures and his "L'homme qui Marche", or Walking Man sold for $104 million dollars last February. All the sculptors alive are excited that finally their craft is competing with painters for the big$$$.
The kids picked an animal to 'sculpt' using 14 gauge wire and more delicate 24 gauge to do details. We then nailed them to a block of wood that they carefully sanded, then we spray painted it a color of their choice to give it a metal finish.
Good job everybody! Except for the copper spray paint mishap at the very end Thursday, it was a total success!(Sorry Kerryne)

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