Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The students loved learning about Edvard Munch and ‘The Scream’. Edvard was a Norwegian artist born into a very sickly family. He endured illness and death around him and was deeply affected by it. He became anxious and afraid of death. He was walking home from work one day over a bridge and felt a ‘scream’ sweep up behind him- whether it was a ghost or death encroaching, it didn’t matter- it scared him. This event was the inspiration behind his renditions of ‘the scream’. He did two paintings and two pastel pieces of his experience. One of the paintings valued at 100 million dollars was stolen from a museum in Norway in 2004, but was recovered and returned back in 2008. Munch is the father of expressionism. This technique involves color and movement in the work that creates a mood or feeling when you view it- in this case, fear.
The students did their own rendition of the work in pastel. To make the face stand out, we did it in Fimo clay and then pasted it on the page! They turned out really cool.

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